"Musto have always provided the most technologically advanced kit - the best in the world - which ensures our guys' performance is never compromised. Personally, I have had great success in the past wearing Musto."

Emirates Team New Zealand MD yachting great Grant Dalton

"Having always worn
Musto shooting products when on the shooting ground, it made perfect sense to join Team Musto"

James Haskell England rugby union international

"Sailors today, they’re very, very good. I’d still like to have a go at them if I was sixty years younger."

Keith Musto

"I am thrilled to be teaming with Musto again. They have been great supporters from the very beginning of my Around the World voyage and kept me warm and dry so very pleased to be wearing their great gear once again in my next challenge"

Solo sailor and Young Australian of the Year, Jessica Watson

"When I decided to launch my own range with Musto, it was with one primary ambition. I wanted to work on a collection that I would wear, not just one I could put my name to."

Zara Phillips, Member of the Order of the British Empire
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  • Active Base Layer Long Sleeved Top
    Active Base Layer Long Sleeved Top
    $99.00 AUD
    $99.00 AUD
  • Active Base Layer Trousers
    Active Base Layer Trousers
    $79.00 AUD
    $79.00 AUD
  • BR1 Dinghy Smock
    BR1 Dinghy Smock
    $179.00 AUD
    $179.00 AUD
  • Junior BR1 Dinghy Smock
    Junior BR1 Dinghy Smock
    $230.00 AUD
    $209.09 AUD
  • Long Sleeved Rash Vest
    Long Sleeved Rash Vest
    $79.95 AUD
    $79.95 AUD
  • Championship Buoyancy Aid
    Championship Buoyancy Aid
    $110.00 AUD
    $110.00 AUD
  • Defender Gloves Long Finger
    Defender Gloves Long Finger
    $35.00 AUD
    $31.82 AUD
  • Defender Gloves Short Finger
    Defender Gloves Short Finger
    $35.00 AUD
    $31.82 AUD
  • Performance Gloves Long Finger
    Performance Gloves Long Finger
    $55.00 AUD
    $55.00 AUD
  • Performance Gloves Short FInger
    Performance Gloves Short FInger
    $49.00 AUD
    $44.54 AUD
  • Hiking Pants
    Hiking Pants
    $299.00 AUD
    $271.82 AUD
  • d30 Kneepads
    d30 Kneepads
    $79.00 AUD
    $79.00 AUD

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