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One Simple Design


The 11th Hour Racing Team know Musto delivers when it comes to premium performance sailing apparel, that’s one of the reasons why they partnered with us. But at the beginning of the partnership, they set us a challenge: could we create an onshore jacket that they could wear in any environment in their everyday lives, that would not only look contemporary and stylish but more importantly would be made from one single material and produced using only the most sustainable processes.


From fabric to trims, every ounce of the OSM collection is made entirely from polyester. The lines are simple and contemporary, creating a sharp and stylish aesthetic for Autumn Winter 21. The colour of each garment has been achieved with e.dye® - a sustainable dyeing process that uses 90% less water and 85% less chemicals than traditional methods.

“The most sustainable products are those that last a long time. But the OSM collection has prompted us to re-evaluate everything about our design processes from the beginning. What can we do before we even start designing a garment to ensure it’s sustainable? How can we ensure the garment is easily recycled at the end of its life?’

Everything we do now is a lot more considered, stripped back and holistic.”

- Shane Rhone – OSM Collection Designer

WHY ONE SINGLE MATERIAL? Products made from one single material are much easier, and require less energy, to recycle at the end of their life, because the garment’s materials, fibres and features don’t need to be separated first.

WHY POLYESTER? Polyester is readily available plus it still delivers on technical performance.




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