What is Polartec®

WHAT IS Polartec®?
Polartec® is a soft and breathable fabric that delivers warmth without the weight. The high loft
of the fibres creates vital thermal pockets that trap warm air, giving you effective insulation in
the outdoors. In the rain, the hydrophobic Polartec® fibres repel water to resist saturation and
help it dry rapidly, so you stay warm and comfortable.

Polartec® CLASSIC
The original Polartec® and still the benchmark for lightweight performance fleeces, Polartec®
Classic is durable, warm breathable and lightweight so you stay dry and comfortable and get
warmth without bulk.

Polartec® Power Stretch® offers 4-way stretch with its warmth for complete freedom of
movement and an ergonomic fit that does not lose shape. It is breathable and durable so you
stay dry and warm.

Polartec® POWER DRY®
Polartec® Power Dry® delivers superior moisture wicking when worn next to the skin so you stay dry,
warm and comfortable even in high energy activity.