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The ThermoHOT collection is exceptionally warm dinghy gear designed to help sailors stay comfortable and performing in cold conditions. 4mm and 3mm neoprene protect you from the elements during early season training and racing.


Cold water temperatures can distract you from your performance in the water, which is why a good wetsuit is a must.

Most wetsuits use petrochemicals in their production that leach into oceans, and landfills, once disposed of. Musto’s ThermoHOT gear features an eco-conscious fabrication. Earth-mined limestone neoprene pieces have been made using water-based glue in bluesign® approved factories for vastly reduced environmental impact. So in a ThermoHOT piece, you can take to the open waters while knowing you’re doing your bit to protect them.

As well as being more environmentally-friendly, limestone neoprene is 15-20% lighter and stretchier than conventional neoprene for incredible buoyancy and reduced drag, boosting your performance.

As water conducts heat over 25 times faster than air, it’s essential that the heat your body would lose is trapped between your skin and the suit, which is exactly what a wetsuit does. But Musto ThermoHOT kit also sports an innovative insulating backer. These supply greatly enhanced heat retention when you it most. D3O protection has also been integrated in selected styles to protect you from injury caused by impact.

Musto’s ThermoHOT Collection: exceptionally warm, next-generation dinghy gear designed to help to you stay comfortable and performing in cold weather conditions.


  1. Suitable for winter and cold weather use
  2. 3mm/4mm eco-conscious neoprene constructions for superior flex
  3. Anatomically made to boost your performance




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