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Whether you’re cruising along the coast or travelling at high speed, you need fast-drying clothes and waterproofs that counter wind and spray. The key to a good powerboating kit bag is also to keep it light so focus on versatile, adaptable garments that don’t add bulk. Integrate essential pieces into a 3-Layer System to maximise your comfort out at sea.


OUTER LAYER : High performance RIB or speedboat riders will encounter a greater amount of spray. Stay dry and comfortable in a weatherproof jacket.

MID LAYER: The mid layer builds on the temperature regulation of your base and protects you from the elements. When temperatures plummet or the speed of the boat picks up, a warm layer is essential. Look to a lightweight jacket or gilet that can be easily packed down and stowed away.

BASE LAYER: The foundation of your kit. As powerboating tends to be a warm weather activity, an effective base layer should keep you cool, be breathable and fast drying. When facing sun exposure, also ensure that the fabric is UV treated.

ACCESSORIES: The right accessories can both enhance your look and help to improve your safety while out on the water. Our Corporate Fast Dry Cap and Dynamic Pro II make practical and stylish additions to your boating wardrobe and protect you from the elements.


The Musto-pioneered 3-Layer System was designed to adapt to your needs. In warm yet changeable and wet conditions, this system allows you to layer up or down as required. Opt for pieces from any of our collections to benefit from a high level of performance on the boat. Rigorously tested, specially engineered, made to go to the distance.


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