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Whether you’re training or being active outdoors, you need insulation when temperatures plummet and the flexibility to cool down and stay dry as you exert yourself. Seeing this need for versatility in the sportswear market, Musto has integrated its exceptional XVR, or crossover technology, into key styles across its collections. This ensures a bespoke layering system with the freedom to effortlessly layer up or down. All while remaining protected against the elements.

Musto’s innovative H-Bond™ zipping system supplies complete interconnectivity, bonding separate pieces into a single, insulated garment. This allows outer shells and insulating mid-layers to be combined together in a completely customised formation while loops in the hood and cuffs ensure a tailored fit.

So choose your shell from a range of colours then choose your insulation. Wear them separately or as one.

Cross them over for a whole new jacket


  1. Complete versatility: layer up when cold, effortlessly shed layers when you need to cool down and stay dry
  2. A wide range of colours for customisable style
  3. Uncompromised weather protection
  4. Musto’s innovative H-Bond™ zipping system supplies complete interconnectivity and a streamlined fit




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